CCC Artist Interview with Emil Yanos.

Emil Yanos


This week’s CCC Artist, Emil Yanos is a professionally trained floral and graphic designer who has been working in clay since 1993. His ceramic work weaves together the best aspects of both disciplines. Nature has been the main inspiration and Yanos loves plants, seeds, pods, shells and geology for his artform.

Yanos uses some sketching to work out proportion but then allows for an organic growth when starting to build. Using Sculpture Mix 412, he builds with slabs rolled and rested for a day. A lot of times the condition of the clay, (wet or dry) will dictate the form. Once the work is at a certain firmness, he adds texture. Yanos prefers engobes and underglazes because of the dry matte finish. “This, for me, is the most time-consuming part because of the multiple layers of color.”


Yanos came to clay by accident, after being laid off during the recession in the 90’s. He was looking for work and trying to start his own business and came across Ruby’s Clay Studio while walking around his neighborhood. He has been there ever since. However, with the pandemic, the studio is closed. With only a few totems he had taken home to repair, he has started watching painting videos and has turned to trying out some acrylic painting. 


Yanos has had some interesting commissions, has been featured on the cover of American Artwork and in 2014 was a Wildcard Finalist for the Martha Stuart American Made Award in craft, ceramics, potter and glass category. 


You can see more of Emil Yanos’s work at and on Instagram/Facebook @emilyanosdesign.